Początek roku to czas wyzwań, które sobie stawiamy i marzeń, które spisujemy na listach ‘to do’. Życząc kolejnych wspaniałych marzeń, zapraszam Państwa na quiz, a dla zainteresowanych do strony PRIMUM.

Choose the correct meaning of the idioms:

1. They arrived at the meeting in the nick of time!
a) They were a bit late to the meeting.
b) They made it just in time to the meeting.

2. I think we’d better stay home, I have second thoughts about going away now.
a) I am sure my fi rst decision was right.
b) I have changed my mind.

3. I cannot change my job now, yet I am utterly miserable here. It’s a catch 22 situation.
a) There is no simple way to solve it.
b). There are many options to choose from.

4. Don’t give him any money! He still owes me some. It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul!
a) He will still be indebted to us.
b) He wants to clear all his arrears.

5. Jack is in the red again. No, this time he is stone broke.
a) His car broke down and he got himself a new, red one.
b) He has no money left.

6. Why have you bought a new TV set? Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses?
a) Want to show off that you have a better one than others.
b) Follow the trend.

7. We cannot employ every Tom, Dick or Harry who walks in here.
a) We cannot employ only men.
b) We cannot employ just anyone, we need a skilled person.

8. I got a white elephant for Xmas, a Ming vase, and honestly don’t know what to do with it.
a) The vase is in the shape of an elephant.
b) It’s an expensive, yet useless gift.

9. She will never trust you again. As they say: once bitten and twice shy.
a) She has been hurt and got cautious.
b) She has always been bashful.

10. This treatment is second to none.
a) The second best there is.
b) The best there is and cannot be compared to anything.

To check the answers – go to page 22 PRIMUM for an explanation
Anita Żytowicz-Kiedryńska