Marząc o nadejściu wiosny, przesyłam Państwu nowy, kolorowy quiz w PRIMUM.

Choose the correct meaning of the idioms:

1. John got a white-collar job, as he got promoted from the blue-collar one.
a) He used to be a factor worker and now works as a manager in the office.
b) He was promoted and now wears a different uniform.

2. I need to see the terms of the contract in black and white.
a) I want to see the details in writing.
b) I want the manager to explain them to me.

3. Poland is very famous for its red tape.
a) Lots of red-brick buildings.
b) Bureaucracy in offices and public institutions.

4. The boxer was black-and-blue all over after the fight.
a) He was bruised.
b) He was so happy, he couldn’t conceal it.

5. There was a black-out in the whole city last night.
a) There was no electricity for many hours.
b) There were black protests in the streets.

6. Why did Amy get a pink slip yesterday?
a) Why did she get red on the cheeks?
b) Why was she fired?

7. Lots of people fall into the black books if they openly criticize the ‘Big Brother’.
a) They fall into disgrace and can expect repercussions.
b) They are expected to lose.

8. A blue ribbon panel of experts were appointed to investigate the case.
a) The experts all had aristocratic roots.
b) The experts were the best of the best.

9. I am always browned off when I watch Polish romantic comedies.
a) Very happy – over the moon.
b) Utterly bored and fed up.

10. Many decisions made nowadays sail under false colours and are highly coloured.
a) Pretend to be something different to what they really are, they are often false.
b) The writers make up interesting decisions and attach pictures to them.

To check the answers – go to page 17 PRIMUM.