Czas odkurzyć znajomość słowotwórstwa - kolejny quiz . 

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The news about the doctor suspected of mal/in+practice is alarm+ing/ed, the more taken his un/im+peccable career. He has been falsely/fakely accused, following the publication of his latest research results, which, at first glance seem ir/de+rational and far/long+fetched. The accusation has dealt a/an de/ir+reversible damage to his reputation and yet, has not gone in/un+noticed by the medical community.
Most experts find the news not only shock+ed/ing but also ground+ful/less and un/il+logical. They feel embarrass+ing/ed by the disgust+ing/ed slander and dis/un+loyal attitude of those, who wish+ill/mal to the always over/above+board Physician. They suspect a purposeful witch+hunt/run orchestrated by their shame+ing/less enemies to de/re+prive their colleague of his good name. “Such noble, forthright people are less/few+and far between nowadays, the true salt/soil+of the earth, and thus, need to be protected,” said the President of the Board of one of the leading, national hospitals, hope+ful/ing of the positive outcome.
With the story having been laid-bare/born by the no/non-biased media, the evidence in the case is to be in/re+acquainted with, and re/de+sent for further expertise, prior to the il/pre+liminary hearing.

Dr Anita Żytowicz-Kiedryńska

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